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Stephanie Steele
Wildlife Biologist

I don't think anyone is truly prepared for the realities of fieldwork until they actually experience it. One day, I was cleaning out wood duck boxes on a lake. Suddenly, a squirrel jumped out of the box onto my chest and ran into the woods. Another time, I was attacked by yellow jackets and stung seven times. Working in the field can bring all sorts of surprises, though they're usually the pleasant kind.

On any given day, I arrive at the office, check my email and return phone calls. I might go into the field to survey an area. I spend a lot of time writing biological evaluations. I also survey for PETS species and coordinate the maintenance of wildlife openings.

I have always enjoyed the outdoors and liked animals. My father was a park ranger, and he encouraged me to pursue a career in the Forest Service. I attended Florida A&M and the University of Florida, where the Forest Service provided me with a scholarship to study conservation and co-op with them. The program helped me become a well-rounded individual capable of working well with others and excelling as a minority in my field.

I thoroughly enjoy working for this agency. I love what I do every day, but working for the Forest Service has other great benefits, like job security and travel. I always encourage people to consider a career here. Just go for it.



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