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Yewah Lau
Forest National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Coordinator

Let's face it. Natural resource management isn't something that most people think about. That's why my job as a Forest NEPA Coordinator is to get the public involved in land management decisions. I assemble interdisciplinary teams of specialists to restore watersheds, improve habitats, and conduct other environmental analysis projects. I present each project's findings to the public before passing the information - and the public reaction - to policymakers. The work I do is important, and that feels good.

When I began working for the Forest Service four years ago, I didn't really know what the agency did. I learned more after being selected as a Presidential Management Fellow. It's a great program for grad students interested in management work. Looking for announcements on is another great way to learn more and find jobs in government.

I am constantly amazed at the expertise and dedication of my co-workers. Even when people disagree on policy decisions, their passion for their work and for the agency's role in managing National Forest lands always shows. I have also been fortunate enough to have wonderful mentors in the Forest Service.

After working at the Forest Service headquarters in Washington, DC, I really wanted a chance to do something more hands on. The move to the Olympic National Forest has been perfect. Here, I have the opportunity to actually get out into the forest and see the wonderful natural places I have the privilege of caring for. I wouldn't trade that for the world.



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