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Special hiring emphasis Nov 2000-March 2001:  Fire Fighting and Fire-related jobs


To apply online for:

Permanent Fire positions, GS-462 grades 2 through 9, go to

Temporary fire and other temporary forest positions, go to

You may request a hard copy application for the above positions by sending an email to:

To phone and request an application for a specific job in one of the above 4 categories, call toll-free to:

1-877-813-3476 or TDD/TDY 1-866-868-8354

Procedures for applying for jobs other than the 4 categories listed above may vary from vacancy announcement to vacancy announcement. All Forest Service vacancy announcements can be seen by going to:

Below is more detailed information on federal vs non-federal "status", and the methods we use to advertise our vacancy announcements.

Employment Opportunities for those with Federal Status

Current federal employees in permanent positions, or employees who have worked in a permanent Federal position for over 3 years typically have "federal status". This means they can apply for positions for which they qualify which are open only to those with federal status. Most of the vacancies require "Federal Status". If you do not have federal status, you are wasting your time if you apply or inquire about vacancies requiring federal status. Vacancies requiring federal status usually are advertised under Merit Promotion System procedures.

Employment Opportunities Open to External Candidates

Most entry-level positions and vacancies accepting applications from the general public (applicants without "federal status") must be posted (advertised) at several locations. There is no single location, list or register to apply to be considered for all vacancies in the Forest Service. In particular, advertisements for Other positions (e.g. temporary, seasonal, etc.) may have short advertisement periods (often only 5 days) and limited area of consideration (e.g. commuting area). All vacancies advertised under Demonstration Project procedures and most "direct hire" announcements are for permanent positions and are open to external candidates. Permanent vacancies advertised under Merit Promotion System procedures require federal status and therefore are not open to external candidates without federal status.

USDA Demonstration Project

The Forest Service and Agricultural Research Service are experimenting with a different method of hiring employees to Federal positions. Rather than applying through the U.S. Office of Personnel Management and ranking applicants based on knowledges, skills, and abilities, applicants which apply through Demo procedures apply directly to the agency. Applicants are rated on standard criteria and are placed in eligible groups rather than a priority ranking. Demo advertisements are open to both current federal employees (employees with "federal status") and external candidates (those without federal status). The vacancy announcement will explain if the advertisement is a Demo advertisement and what documentation is needed to apply. Veteran's preference still applies under Demo procedures.

Finding out about Employment Opportunities

Permanent and Other vacancies are posted on a bulletin board in the office with the vacancy, the local state employment office, and the nearest OPM Employment Office. Permanent positions must also be advertised in OPM's USA Jobs System. As a result, you must contact either the specific office at the location you wish to work, state employment offices, OPM Job Information Centers, or the USA Jobs System to find out about vacancies.

Remember if you do not have federal status, you can only apply to Demo advertisements or positions which specifically state that they are open to those without federal status. Permanent positions advertised under Merit Promotion System procedures require federal status. The vacancy announcement will cite under which procedure the vacancy is being announced.

Non-permanent positions may be advertised in the USA Jobs System but must be posted locally and distributed to the local state employment office. In most cases, you must find out about these vacancies from local offices. Non-permanent positions are almost always open to both status and non-status candidates.

Civil Rights Activities

The Forest Service seeks to ensure equality and fairness in all Agency programs, and activities, including public access, grants, training and development, public service, contracting, data collection and analysis, technical assistance, and employment opportunities. The mission of the Agency's Civil Rights Program is to monitor and enforce compliance with the requirements of all Federal Civil Rights legislation, provide unformity and consistency for administering the Agency's Civil Rights program, related systems, and activities, and to provide national direction and leadership in support of the Agency's efforts to become a multicultural organization. The responsibility of this Program is to carry out the Agency's policy ensuring that no person is denied access to, participation in, or benefit of any program or activity on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, familial status, political affiliation, or disability. The Forest Service is an equal opportunity service provider and strives to be an employer of choice.