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USDA Forest Service Employment Information
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How much we pay our employees and what kind of employee programs we have

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Non-fire seasonal clerical and technical positions GS-2 through 7
Non-fire permanent positions GS-7 through 13

Special hiring emphasis Nov 2000-June 2001:  Fire Fighting and Fire-related jobs


The Forest Service is undertaking a special hiring effort to increase the number of fire-fighting and fire-related positions we have, both permanent and temporary jobs.

Click HERE to access the website for Permanent and Temporary Fire Suppression Technician positions (ASAP)

Requesting an application package:
An application package can be requested by sending a message to


Please type the specific Announcement Number or Recruitment Notice Number that you are interested in on the Subject line of your email message.

The package includes a hard-copy scannable form, which must be returned when you apply. Therefore, include your name and physical mailing address in your email request to fsjobs@fs.fed.us.