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To send electronic mail to a Forest Service office without directing it to a specific person, use the Mailroom address for the office. Consult the Mailroom List to find Mailroom email addresses.

Search for employees by first name, last name, or a combination of name and unit.

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Please Note: Your search results will show the email address to send mail from the Internet to our Lotus Notes email system. Be sure to correct your address books for all your Forest Service correspondents! The previous OpenMail addresses, which had the format "name/", are no longer in use.

All Forest Service personnel now have Internet addresses formatted as a simple name followed by "". Examples are "", "". If you see or are provided a Forest Service email address that ends in "/", "", or has any non-alphanumeric characters before "", do not use it, as these addresses are obsolete or only valid internally. Instead, use this search page to find your correspondent's correct Internet address. The detail page for each employee will display their email address.

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