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Reforestation Partnerships


The Forest Service has a vibrant history of working with external partners to meet agency mission and associated objectives. The National Headquarters Forest Management Staff has taken a very strong role in establishing partnerships towards success in reforestation activities, particularly restoring those areas affected by catastrophic and/or natural events (e.g., fire, blow-down, insect and disease) and to rehabilitate wildlife life habitat for threatened, endangered and sensitive species .

For decades, the financial support from external parties has enhanced the Agency’s ability to reforest and restore landscapes across the United States. The first National agreement for reforestation was established between Batesville Casket Company and the Forest Service in 1976 to plant trees in Regions 3, 6, 8, and 9. Trees were planted on the Gifford Pinchot, Wayne, Mark Twain, Hoosier, Green Mountain, Chippewa, Shawnee, Caribbean, Chattahoochee, and Santa Fe National Forests.

In response to inquiries about how to assist with the reforestation efforts, in 1983, the Forest Service established the Plant-A-Tree Program. The purpose of this program is to allow individuals or groups to voluntary contribute funds directly to the Forest Service for tree planting on national forests as a positive and personal step toward improving the environment.

  • Plant-A-Tree Program (PDF, 142 KB) - a description of the program's history, purpose, and how to contribute to the Plant-A-Tree Program.

Reforestation partnerships have increased and currently the National Headquarters Forest Management Staff has national agreements in place with conservation organizations to work cooperatively in improving or protecting the current conditions of watersheds on National Forest System lands and on adjacent lands where forest vegetation was damaged or destroyed by wildfire. The projects include establishing forest tree cover by planting tree seedlings of the appropriated species and at right density.

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