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Forest Products Sold and Harvested from the National Forests and Grasslands

Cut and Sold reports show total volumes and values of all convertible forest products sold and harvested from the National Forest System lands and National Grasslands agency-wide, and by organizational unit, on a quarterly basis, and for the full calendar and fiscal years. In addition, these reports show the amounts and values of species and products sold and harvested, including all other forest products that cannot be converted into volume measure (non-convertible). These non-convertible forest products include, for example, Christmas trees, mushrooms, and boughs. See Special Forest Products for more information on these non-convertible forest products.

The Forest Service's fiscal year (FY) begins October 1st. Thus, the fiscal year quarters end every December 31st, March 31st, June 30th, and September 30th. The reports for the quarter are generally available near the end of the month following the end of each fiscal quarter.

There are differences between what is sold and harvested for any given time period. This occurs primarily because the timber sold may not be harvested for one or more years following the award of the timber sale contract. In addition, adjustments to the sales are sometimes made during timber harvest, and these adjustments would be included in the volumes and values reported as harvested, but not for those sold. Thus, the volumes and values of the timber sold may be more or less than the volumes and values of the timber at the time it is harvested. It is also important to realize that the volumes and values reported as sold are not necessarily coming from the same sales as the volumes and values harvested. It may be that the volumes and values currently being harvested were reported as sold one or more years ago.

The data for these Cut and Sold reports come from the Forest Service's Automated Timber Sale Accounting system (ATSA). Information about each sale is entered into ATSA at the field level, then data is summarized and reports are generated every three months for official reporting purposes. Up through FY 2007, the cut and sold reports were produced from data extracted directly from ATSA. Thus, starting in FY 1996, through FY 2007, summaries of the quarterly reports were produced and posted on this website. Those summaries are still available at the link below.

Starting in FY 2008, the data is being sent to the Forest Service's Corporate Data Warehouse, from which reports in a new format are produced.

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Regional Cut and Sold Information

The following table describes where each National Forest System Region is located, and a link to Regional Websites with Timber Sale Data, if it is available.

National Forest System Regions
Region Name General Location
1 Northern Region Northern ID, MT, ND, Northwest SD
2 Rocky Mountain Region CO, KS, NE, SD (except Northwest), Eastern and Central WY
3 Southwestern Region AZ and NM
4 Intermountain Region Southern ID, NV, UT, Western WY
5 Pacific Southwest Region CA
6 Pacific Northwest Region OR, WA
8 Southern Region States East and South of OK Plus KY and VA
9 Eastern Region States North and East of MO Except KY and VA
10 Alaska Region AK

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