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FY 1996-2007 Timber Sold and Harvested Report Summaries

These summaries provide regional\1 total volumes and values in MBF and CCF, along with comparisons to the same quarter in prior fiscal years. These files are all in PDF format requiring the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

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Fiscal Year 2007
Sold Harvest
FY 2007 First Quarter Sold FY 2007 First Quarter Harvest
FY 2007 Second Quarter Sold FY 2007 Second Quarter Harvest
FY 2007 Third Quarter Sold FY 2007 Third Quarter Harvest
FY 2007 Fourth Quarter Sold FY 2007 Fourth Quarter Harvest

Fiscal Year 2006
Sold Harvest
FY 2006 First Quarter Sold FY 2006 First Quarter Harvest
FY 2006 Second Quarter Sold FY 2006 Second Quarter Harvest
FY 2006 Third Quarter Sold FY 2006 Third Quarter Harvest
FY 2006 Fourth Quarter Sold FY 2006 Fourth Quarter Harvest

Fiscal Year 2005
Sold Harvest
FY 2005 First Quarter Sold FY 2005 First Quarter Harvest
FY 2005 Second Quarter Sold FY 2005 Second Quarter Harvest
FY 2005 Third Quarter Sold FY 2005 Third Quarter Harvest
FY 2005 Fourth Quarter Sold FY 2005 Fourth Quarter Harvest

Fiscal Year 2004
Sold Harvest
FY 2004 First Quarter Sold FY 2004 First Quarter Harvest
FY 2004 Second Quarter Sold FY 2004 Second Quarter Harvest
FY 2004 Third Quarter Sold FY 2004 Third Quarter Harvest
FY 2004 Fourth Quarter Sold FY 2004 Fourth Quarter Harvest

Fiscal Year 2003
Sold Harvest
FY 2003 First Quarter Sold FY 2003 First Quarter Harvest
FY 2003 Second Quarter Sold FY 2003 Second Quarter Harvest
FY 2003 Third Quarter Sold FY 2003 Third Quarter Harvest
FY 2003 Fourth Quarter Sold FY 2003 Fourth Quarter Harvest

Fiscal Year 2002
Sold Harvest
FY 2002 First Quarter Sold FY 2002 First Quarter Harvest
FY 2002 Second Quarter Sold FY 2002 Second Quarter Harvest
FY 2002 Third Quarter Sold FY 2002 Third Quarter Harvest
FY 2002 Fourth Quarter Sold FY 2002 Fourth Quarter Harvest

Fiscal Year 2001
Sold Harvest
FY 2001 First Quarter Sold FY 2001 First Quarter Harvest
FY 2001 Second Quarter Sold FY 2001 Second Quarter Harvest
FY 2001 Third Quarter Sold FY 2001 Third Quarter Harvest
FY 2001 Fourth Quarter Sold FY 2001 Fourth Quarter Harvest

Fiscal Year 2000
Sold Harvest
FY 2000 First Quarter Sold FY 2000 First Quarter Harvest
FY 2000 Second Quarter Sold FY 2000 Second Quarter Harvest
FY 2000 Third Quarter Sold FY 2000 Third Quarter Harvest
FY 2000 Fourth Quarter Sold FY 2000 Fourth Quarter Harvest

Fiscal Year 1999
Sold Harvest
FY 1999 First Quarter Sold FY 1999 First Quarter Harvest
FY 1999 Second Quarter Sold FY 1999 Second Quarter Harvest
FY 1999 Third Quarter Sold FY 1999 Third Quarter Harvest
FY 1999 Fourth Quarter Sold FY 1999 Fourth Quarter Harvest

Fiscal Year 1998
Sold Harvest
FY 1998 First Quarter Sold FY 1998 First Quarter Harvest
FY 1998 Second Quarter Sold FY 1998 Second Quarter Harvest
FY 1998 Third Quarter Sold FY 1998 Third Quarter Harvest
FY 1998 Fourth Quarter Sold FY 1998 Fourth Quarter Harvest

Fiscal Year 1997
Sold Harvest
FY 1997 First Quarter Sold FY 1997 First Quarter Harvest
FY 1997 Second Quarter Sold FY 1997 Second Quarter Harvest
FY 1997 Third Quarter Sold FY 1997 Third Quarter Harvest
FY 1997 Fourth Quarter Sold FY 1997 Fourth Quarter Harvest

Fiscal Year 1996
Sold Harvest
FY 1996 First Quarter Sold FY 1996 First Quarter Harvest
FY 1996 Second Quarter Sold FY 1996 Second Quarter Harvest
FY 1996 Third Quarter Sold FY 1996 Third Quarter Harvest
FY 1996 Fourth Quarter Sold FY 1996 Fourth Quarter Harvest

1/ The Forest Service regions are numbered on the reports. Below is a table describing where each region is located.

National Forest System Regions
Region Name General Location
1 Northern Region Northern ID, MT, ND, Northwest SD
2 Rocky Mountain Region CO, KS, NE, SD (rest), Eastern & Central WY
3 Southwestern Region AZ & NM
4 Intermountain Region Southern ID, NV, UT, Western WY
5 Pacific Southwest Region CA
6 Pacific Northwest Region OR, WA
8 Southern Region States East & South of OK Plus KY & VA
9 Eastern Region States North & East of MO Except KY & VA
10 Alaska Region AK

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