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Periodic Timber Sale Accomplishment Reports (PTSAR)

The PTSAR was developed to enable the Forest Service to track its progress in timber sale volume accomplishments in various categories, including the regular program funded with appropriations, the Salvage Sale Fund, personal use permits and small commercial sales, and the Long Term Sale contracts. Accomplishment progress is also reported for Gates 4 (advertisement), Gate 5 (bid opening) and Gate 6 (award). Fiscal year timber sale volume targets are also shown so that progress could be monitored.

The early reports were obtained from the Sale Tracking and Reporting System (STARS). The agency's attainment was determined by comparing timber sale offer volumes accomplished against targets. Starting in FY 2006, the agency began reporting timber volume sold for attainment because it reflected a truer measure of the sales that will achieve the agency's vegetative management objectives. Also in FY 2006, the PTSAR report format was changed, and these reports began to be produced from the Timber Information Manager (TIM) system.

For the current fiscal year, reports are being provided quarterly. For prior fiscal years, only the ending fiscal year report is provided. The Forest Service's fiscal year (FY) begins October 1st. Thus, the fiscal year quarters end every December 31st, March 31st, June 30th, and September 30th. The reports for the quarter are generally available near the middle of the month following the end of each fiscal quarter.

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Regional Information

The following table describes where each National Forest System Region is located, and a link to Regional Websites with timber sale data, where it is available.

National Forest System Regions
Region Name General Location
1 Northern Region Northern ID, MT, ND, Northwest SD
2 Rocky Mountain Region CO, KS, NE, SD (except Northwest), Eastern and Central WY
3 Southwestern Region AZ and NM
4 Intermountain Region Southern ID, NV, UT, Western WY
5 Pacific Southwest Region CA
6 Pacific Northwest Region OR, WA
8 Southern Region States East and South of OK Plus KY and VA
9 Eastern Region States North and East of MO Except KY and VA
10 Alaska Region AK

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