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Forest Products

One of the strategic goals of the Forest Service is to provide and sustain benefits to the American People. To accomplish this goal, one of the objectives is to provide a reliable supply of forest products over time consistent with achieving the desired conditions on National Forest System (NFS) lands and to maintain or create processing capacity and infrastructure in local communities. (USDA Forest Service Strategic Plan FY 2007-2012, July 2007 (PDF, 2.0 MB))

Forest products include materials derived from a forest for commercial use such as lumber and paper, and also "special forest products" such as medicinal herbs, fungi, edible fruits and nuts, and other natural products.

  • Forest Products Sold and Harvested from the National Forests and Grasslands
    Reports of total volumes and values of all convertible forest products sold and harvested from the National Forest System lands and National Grasslands agency-wide, and by organizational unit, on a quarterly basis, and for the full calendar and fiscal years.
  • Periodic Timber Sale Accomplishment Reports (PTSAR)
    Reports timber sale accomplishments for Advertisement, Bid Opening, Award, and official agency timber volume targets and attainment.
  • Harvest Trends on National Forest System Lands
    The following data set displays acres of National Forest System lands (NFS) where commercial timber sales were conducted for the period from 1984 to the present. The information presents the acres harvested by Forest Service region and different harvest methods during this period. This information is a compilation of “Table 20 - Regeneration and Intermediate Harvest of the Annual Reforestation and Timber Stand Improvement Report.” The data for the period from Fiscal Year 1984 to 2004 was generated using the SILVA portion of the Forest Service Timber Activity Control System (TRACS) computer application. Thereafter, the data was generated using the Forest Service Activity Tracking System (FACTS), which replaced SILVA in FY 2005.
  • Special Forest Products
    Products or natural resources from the National Forests that are not the traditional timber and fiber products.
  • Timber Sale and Forest Products Contract Forms
    The Forest Service sells timber and special forest products on a variety of contract forms based on the complexity and/or value of the sale.  Guidance for the use of these contract forms can be found in FSH 2409.18, Chapter 50, Section 53.
  • Tree Marking Paint
    The National Headquarter's Forest Management Staff provides information, specifications, and meeting notes about tree marking paint.

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