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Westwide Pine Beetle Model

The Westwide Pine Beetle model simulates impacts of mountain beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae Hokpins), western pine beetle (D. brevicomis Leconte), and Ips species for which western pines are a host.

Annosus Root Fruiting Bodies
tree mortality caused by mountain pine beetle on the Red River District of the Nez Perce National Forest.
Photo by Tim McConnell
Model Description

The Westwide Pine Beetle (WWPB) Model (FHTET, in press) simulates the mortality impacts of mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopkins), western pine beetle (Dendroctonus brevicomis LeConte), and Ips spp. on western pine tree species. It is a multi-stand, landscape-scale model that recognizes the conditions and events occurring in all simulated stands. The WWPB Model utilizes the FVS Parallel Processor (Crookston and Stage 1991) to model multiple stands simultaneously throughout simulated time. The model uses a set of stand conditions to determine the relative attractiveness (to beetles) of stands in the landscape, and the susceptibility (to beetle attack) of diameter classes of host species within stands. Beetle mortality is simulated on an annual basis. Custom ArcView® projects have been developed to display results of this model in a map format.

Users invoke the Westwide Pine Beetle extension using the BMPPIN keyword. The keywords of this extension are supported in Suppose. See the Westwide Pine Beetle Model keyword guide for details. This extension is available for some of the western variants of FVS and will be made available others upon request.

The Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team in Fort Collins, Colorado currently supports this extension.


Crookston, Nicholas L. and Albert R. Stage. 1991. User's guide to the Parallel Processing extension of the Prognosis Model. USDA Forest Service, Intermountain Research Station, General Technical Report INT-281. 88pp. FHTET. In press. Westwide Pine Beetle Model user's guide. Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team, USDA Forest Service, Ft. Collins, CO.

Display Tools

The Westwide Pine Beetle Model Display Tools allow the user to display WWPB model results as ArcView project maps.

Choose between AIX and PC version tools (corresponding to the version of ArcView you have available on your system). Each self-extracting Zip file contains both the WWPB Model Display Tool and the WWPB Model Annual Display Tool.

Display Tools PC Version

Keyword Guide

Westwide Pine Beetle Model Keyword Guide (674 KB PDF)

Example Data

Sample keyword set and data using PPCRP (52 KB EXE)

William Monahan
Quantitative Analysis Program Manager
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