Westmark Hotel Sitka.
Westmark Sitka.

Lodging & Travel Arrangements

Sitka is located in beautiful Southeast Alaska and can only be accessed by boat or plane. For more local information, see the Sitka Convention & Visitors Bureau website.

  • 850 miles (1,368 kilometers) from Seattle, Washington.
  • 90 miles (150 kilometers) from Juneau, Alaska.
  • 733 miles (1,181 kilometers) from Vancouver, British Columbia.


Sitka Fine Arts Camp


Westmark Hotel Sitka

  • (907) 747-6241 or 1-800-544-0970
  • Block of 40 rooms (no minimum).
  • $139/night plus tax, +$20 extra person.
  • 1/2 mile from venue.

This block has been released as of March 25th. Please contact the hotel (907-747-6241) and Robin Mulvey (rlmulvey@fs.fed.us) if you have not made your booking. We will make every attempt to get you the conference rate.

Dorms at the Sitka Fine Arts Camp

How to Get to Sitka

UPDATE: Sitka Travel Logistics (PDF, 102 KB)


  • Fly direct to Sitka (through Seattle).
  • Alaska Airlines only (in early May).

Plane and Ferry

Ferry & Ferry

  • Bellingham to Juneau (2.5 days, $340/one way).
  • Prince Rupert to Juneau (30hrs, $148/one way).
  • Then, Juneau to Sitka.
  • Round-trip discounts.

Note: Ferry terminals are not located near airports and have early check-in times.

Airport Shuttle

Shuttle service, (907) 747-5800, from the airport to/from local accommodations is available May through September.

With relatively few arrival times into the Sitka Airport, it is likely that the Alaska FHP group can coordinate airport pick-ups. Please use the ride-share board or contact Robin Mulvey (rlmulvey@fs.fed.us, 907-5856-7971) with your flight details to make arrangements at least one week prior to the meeting.

Ride and Room Share

If you would like to share rides to and/or from the airport (or anywhere else) or a hotel room while in Sitka, you can find others that are interested in sharing at the WIFDWC Ride and Room share forum.

You will first need to subscribe to the group and then sign in with your existing Google or Gmail account information or create a new Google account. You may start a new post if there are none that fit your needs or read through those that are already there to find accommodations. If you create a post, please include: your name, dates you will be traveling or staying, a way to contact you (email, phone, telegram, etc.), and any other information that you would like to share. If you find a possibility, contact the original poster and work out any details off-line. Once a request has been filled please indicate in a response to the original message.

If you have any questions please contact Danny Norlander, email: danny.norlander@oregon.gov.


Sitka, Alaska Area Map (PDF, 708 KB).

Downtown Sitka, Alaska (PDF, 1.6 MB).

See also Sitka Convention & Visitors Bureau Transportation and Maps…

Be Bear Aware

Baranof Island hosts a large brown bear population. Please see these resources from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the US Forest Service and be bear aware during your stay in Southeast Alaska.


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