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The Southern Pine Beetle Event Monitor Addfiles
What is it?

The Southern Pine Beetle Event Monitor is a complex keyword component file that simulates the effects of Southern Pine Beetles (SPB) with the Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS). This is a strategic model that demonstrates the potential loss of pine timber and habitat to SPB. The user can proactively reduce the stands hazard level by scheduling appropriate management actions within FVS.

How do I download the Southern Pine Beetle EM Addfiles?

The Southern Pine Beetle Event Monitor files and the The Southern Pine Beetle Event Monitor Users Guide may be downloaded by clicking the following link. The file is a WinZip® self-extracting file. Download the file to your PC. Extract the files contents by double-clicking it. The default extraction directory is C:\Fvsdata\spbem.

Which SPB Event Monitor Files do I use?

There are currently three "Geographical Variants" of the Southern Pine Beetle Event Monitor applicable to the Southeastern United States, the Forest Service's Southern Region (Region 8). The user is strongly urged to apply the correct Event Monitor File to the appropriate stands. The three individual SPB Event Monitor files for use in Region 8 are: Coastal, Piedmont, and Mountain.

Who should use it?

The SPB Event Monitor is intended for use by those familiar with the proper use and execution of the Forest Vegetation Simulator. It is recommended that the user be well versed in interpretation of standard FVS output. Specific Event Monitor variables can be exported to spread sheet programs for further user analysis.

How do I use it?

The SPB Event Monitor is an FVS Addfile, which typically have a "*.kcp" file extension. The geographically appropriate Event Monitor must be added to the simulation, after one or more stands have been selected for use within FVS. The The Southern Pine Beetle Event Monitor Users Guide included with the event monitor files describes how to use the addfile, evaluate its results, and who to contact with questions. | USFS | Forest Health Protection | FOIA | Accessibility Statement | Privacy Policy | Non-Discrimination Statement | Information Quality
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