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Spatial Statistics

Screen capture of the GenericSiteMapper

The FHTET Spatial Statistics provides spatial statistic methodologies to model potential tree pest problems, such as oak wilt and mountain pine beetle. Our spatial statistic models can help natural resource managers, city planners, landowners, developers and others target resources, conserve forests, make informed decisions, operate more efficiently, and prioritize suppression and control activities more effectively.


ArcView 3.3 Sampling Routines

Sample Point and Polygon Centroid Generators (SPGen) 3.3

  • Description:
    The Sample Point and Polygon Centroid Generator ArcView projects allow the user to quickly sample the area of interest using one of many sample routines.

Choose to download the ArcView 3.3 Open Avenue Code Projects along with the SPGen User Guide here.


ArcView Sampling Routine
Spatial Data Creation & Collection

Collecting Spatial Model Data Using the Get-Model-Data ArcView Application

  • Description:
    The Get-Model-Data ArcView application allows the user to quickly gather spatial data at each sample point that will ultimately be used for spatial modeling.


ArcView Sampling Routine
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