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Hewitt A.J., M.E. Teske and H.W. Thistle. February 2001. 'The Development of the AgDRIFT® Model for Aerial Application from Helicopters and Fixed Wing Aircraft'. Proceedings of the Conference on Pesticide Drift, Canberra, Australia

Potter W.D., W. Bi, D.B. Twardus, H.W. Thistle, M.J. Twery, J. Ghent and M.E. Teske. 2001. 'Handling the Back Calculation Problem in Aerial Spray Models Using a Genetic Algorithm'. Practical Applications of Artificial Intelligence Techniques. Eds. L. Jain and P. DeWilde, Kluwer Publishing, New York, NY.

Schou W.C., B. Richardson, M.E. Teske and H.W. Thistle. 2001. 'SpraySafe Manager 2 - Integration of GIS with an Aerial Herbicide Application Decision Support System'. Paper # 01-1050, American Society of Agriculutral Engineers, St. Joseph, MI.

Skyler P. and H. Thistle. August 2001. 'Eleventh Report-National Spray Model and Application Technology Working Group Meeting. FHTET 01-08, Morgantown, WV.

Teske M.E., A.E. Kaufman, H.W. Thistle, A.J. Hewitt and D.L. Valcore. May 2001. 'Droplet Evaporation Corrections for Aerial Spray Drift Modeling'. ILASS Americas, Proceedings of the 14th Annual Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems, Dearborn, MI.

Teske M.E. and H.W. Thistle. 2001. 'Atmospheric Stability Effects in Aircraft Near-Wake Modeling'. Paper # 01-1048, American Society of Agricultural Engineers, St. Joseph, MI.

Thistle H. and P. Skyler. June 2001. 'Pheromone Placement Tracer Test Experimental Design, 2001'. FHTET-01-11.

Thistle H.W., M.E. Teske and W.D. Potter. 2001. 'The Use of Genetic and Amoeba Algorithms in Combination with a Lagrangian Solver to Simulate Dispersion and Deposition of Droplets Originating in Aircraft Wakes'. Proceedings of the NAFEMS World Congress - Volume 2, NAFEMS Ltd. (National Association for Finite Elements and Standards), Glasgow, UK.

Thistle H.W., M.E. Teske and D.B. Twardus. May 2001. 'Zeroing in on Forest Enemies'. Resource. American Society of Agricultural Engineers, Vol. 8 No. 5, pp. 7-8.

Throop W., H. Thistle and R. Beckley. 2001. 'Leaf Area Measurements in Four Forest Canopies Using a Plant Canopy Analyzer and Hemispherical Photography'. Paper 01-8020, American Society of Agricultural Engineers, St. Joseph, MI.

Trent A., R. Fisher, H. Thistle and R. Babbitt. October, 2000. 'Evaluation of Real-Time Particulate Monitors for Smoke Environments'. Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference: Air Pollution from Agricultural Operations, ASAE St. Joseph MI.


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