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Ammons R. and H. W. Thistle. 1999. Characterization of Vortex Motion Influences on Atmospheric Aerosol Dynamics. Preprint Volume of the 13th Conference on Boundary Layers and Turbulence. American Meteorological Society, Boston MA.

Karsky R.J. January, 1999. Dry Borax Applicator: Operators Manual, #9934-2812-MtdC, Missoula, MT.

Potter W.D., W. Bi, D. Twardus, H.W. Thistle, M.J. Twery, J. Ghent and M.E. Teske. 1999. Intelligent Decision Support for Aerial Spray Deposition Management. Environmental Decision Support Systems and Artificial Intelligence Workshop, Technical Report WS-99-07. American Association for Artificial Intelligence, Menlo Park, CA.

Teske M.E. and H.W. Thistle. 1999. Comments on A Comparison of Spray Drift Predictions to Lidar Data. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 93.

Teske M.E., H.W. Thistle and R.E. Mickle. 1999. Modeling ULV Spraying. Technical Paper #991032, American Society of Agricultural Engineers. St. Joseph, MI.

Teske M.E. and H.W. Thistle. 1999. A Simulation of Release Height and Wind Speed Effects for Drift Minimization. Transactions of the ASAE, Vol 42(3).

Thistle H.W. and P. Skyler. February, 1999. Eighth Report: National Spray Model and Application Technology Working Group. MtdC Technical Report 9934-2810-MtdC, Missoula, MT.

Thistle H.W., A. trent, R. Hammer and R. Fisher. May 1999. Collocation of PM2.5 Particulate Monitors and Nephelometers: Experimental Design. MtdC Technical Report #9925-2825-MtdC, Missoula MT.

Thistle H.W., P. Shea, E. Holsten and D. Quilici. 1999. 'Pheromone Dispersion in a Canopy Trunk Space: Analysis of Plume Data'. Technical Paper #991013, American Society of Agricultural Engineers. St. Joseph, MI.

Thistle H.W., R. Reardon and T. Howard. 1999. Pheromone Placement tracer Test: Experimental Design 1999. July 1999. MtdC Technical Report #9934-2842-MtdC Missoula, MT.

trent A. and H.W. Thistle. 1999. Aerial Application of Gypsy Moth Pheromone Flakes and Sticker. Technical Paper #991115 American Society of Agricultural Engineers. St. Joseph, MI.

trent A., H.W. Thistle, R. Fisher, R. Babbitt and A. Holland-Sears. February, 1999. Laboratory of Two Optical Instruments for Real-Time Particulate Monitoring of Smoke. MtdC Technical Report 9925-2806-MtdC, Missoula, MT.


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