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Management of Pesticide Registration Divider

Magnified occulsion bodies of the gypsy moth nucleopolyhedrosis virus.
The gypsy moth nucleopolyhedrosis virus product, Gypchek.
Aerial pesticide spraying.

The Management of Pesticide Registration program manages the Forest Service's (FS) portion of the USDA Forest Service Pesticide Impact Assessment Program (FSPIAP). The program cooperates with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on such actions as registration, re-registration, and req uest for experimental use permits (EUPs) of pesticides by the FS or registered pesticides of interest to the FS. The program also coordinates the registration of biopesticides for which the FS is, or intends to become, the registrant (e.g., Gypchek, TM Biocontol-1, and MCH). Among successful development areas are:

  • Re-registration of TM biocontrol-1 for suppression of the douglas fir tussock moth in enviornmentally sensitive areas of the western United States.
  • Registration of the technical grade active ingrdient for MCH.

The Management of Pesticide Registration program serves the Forest Service, other federal agencies, state agencies, private industry, and others that deal with forest pest suppression issues. Often this work is done in conjunction with venture capital to register biological pesticides.

Products and Services
  • Expedite development of minor-use biopesticides for forestry applications
  • Provide expertise on compliance with guidelines for biochemical and microbials to be approved by the EPA
  • Advise on the re-registration eligibility for specific biopesticides
  • Interpret policy within EPA for foresters complying with the Food Quality Protection Act
  • Coordinate and encourage agency submissions to Interregional Research Project No.4 (IR-4), a funding source, to further the development and registration of biopesticides for limited applications
  • Disseminate regulatory and risk assessment information
  • Assist in meeting requirements of EPA's Interim Logic Decision process in registration and re-registration of biochemicals
  • Register biological insecticides with the EPA and individual states
  • Make available biological pesticides for use in environmentally sensitive forest ecosystems
  • Sponsor technology transfer at regional workshops and national meetings
  • Re-registerion of Gypchek for suppression of gypsymoth in evironmentally sensitive areas of the eastern United States
  • Re-registration of TM Biocontrol-1 for suppression of the Douglas-fir tussock moth in environmentally sensitive areas of the western United States
  • Registration of the technical grade active ingredient for MCH | USFS | Forest Health Protection | FOIA | Accessibility Statement | Privacy Policy | Non-Discrimination Statement | Information Quality
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