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Invasive Pest Risk Maps
Mediterranean Pine Engraver - Orthotomicus erosus

Orthotomicus erosus photo by Louis-Michel NageleisenEstablished populations of the Mediterranean Pine Engraver (Orthotomicus erosus) were discovered in the United States in 2004. This Eurasian bark beetle is native to the pine (Pinus) growing areas of Europe, Northern Africa and Asia.

Orthotomicus Risk MapSample Areas were developed using the Susceptibility Surface. A total of 1,000 sample areas were assigned to one of four risk categories. Relative certainties were assigned to each category in order to create increasing plot intensifications for increasing risk stratums.

Risk Maps
Contiguous US Preview PDF
Introduction Potential Picture Preview 163 KB Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 1.7 MB
Establishment Potential Picture Preview 164 KB Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 2.17 MB
Susceptibility Potential Picture Preview 160 KB Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 2.3 MB
Survey Sample Area Picture Preview 211 KB Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 510 KB
Maps and Text PDF files of how each map was produced.
Contiguous US   PDF
Introduction Potential   Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 416 KB
Establishment Potential   Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 523 KB
Susceptibility Potential   Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 549 KB
Survey Sample Area   Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 633 KB
FGDC Standards PDF/DOC files.
Contiguous US   PDF
Introduction Potential    
Establishment Potential    
Susceptibility Potential    
Survey Sample Area    
GIS Grids
Compressed as ZIP files.
Contiguous US   ZIP
Introduction Potential   Zip file 377 KB
Establishment Potential   Zip file 623 KB
Susceptibility Potential   Zip file 607 KB
Survey Sample Area   Zip file 1.76 MB

Pest Risk Assessment Information:
Pest Alert (PDF)
Michigan Entomological Society
Mediterranean Pine Engraver detection (Website)
What risk do invasive bark beetles and woodborers pose to forests of the western U.S.? A case study of the Mediterranean pine engraver, Orthotomicus erosus., pp. 111-134. (PDF)

Associated Commodities:
Commodities likely associated with Orthotomicus erosus (PDF)

Forestry Images:
Mediterranean Pine Engraver (Website)

Steering Committee Members:

Daniel M. Borchert, APHIS PPQ
Frank H. Koch, USFS SRS
Frank J. Krist Jr., USFS FHTET
Frank J. Sapio, USFS FHTET
Bill D. Smith, USFS SRS
Steven J. Seybold, USFS, PSW
Robert C. Venette USFS NRS

Frank Sapio
FHTET Director

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