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Asian Longhorned Beetle - Anoplophora glabripennis

Asian long-horned beetle adult  Photo by:Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources The Susceptibility Potential Surface for Anoplophora glabripennis (Motschulsky), the Asian Longhorn Beetle was produced for the Conterminous United States in 1 square kilometer units by the U.S. Forest Service, Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team’s Invasive Species Steering Committee.

Anopolophora glabripennis Risk MapThe product’s intended use is to develop a detection strategy for Anoplophora glabripennis that focuses efforts in areas where there is susceptible maple host species which occur in forested habitat. The Susceptibility Surface was produced by combining the Anoplophora glabripennis Introduction and Establishment Potential surfaces in a weighted overlay.

PDF format links require the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.
Risk Maps
Contiguous US Preview PDF
Introduction Potential Picture Preview 210 KB Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 1.8 MB
Establishment Potential Picture Preview 210 KB Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 1.8 MB
Susceptibility Potential Picture Preview 190 KB Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 2.3 MB
NA Susceptibility Potential Picture Preview 206 KB Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 2.4 KB
Maps and Text PDF files of how each map was produced.
Contiguous US   PDF
Introduction Potential   Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 2.8 MB
Establishment Potential   Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 2.8 MB
Susceptibility Potential   Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 481 KB
NA Susceptibility Potential   Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 3.5 KB
GIS Grids
Compressed as ZIP files.
Contiguous US    
Introduction Potential   Zip file 305 KB
Establishment Potential   Zip file 317 KB
Susceptibility Potential   Zip file 420 KB
NA Susceptibility Potential   Zip file 281 KB

Pest Risk Assessment Information:
Exotic Forest Website (Website)
Pest Alert (PDF)
Asian Longhorned Beetle Website (Website)
USDA APHIS (Website)

Asian Longhorned Beetle: Annotated Host List (PDF)

Forestry Images:
Asian Longhorned Beetle

Steering Committee Members:

Marla C. Downing, FHTET Lead
Frank H. Koch, USFS SRS
Frank J. Krist Jr., USFS FHTET
Frank J. Sapio, USFS FHTET
Bill D. Smith, USFS SRS

Marla C. Downing
Biological Scientist

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