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Information for Presenters and Panel Moderators:

Abstracts, handouts, or summaries of presentations are requested for inclusion in the Hazard Tree Workshop "pre-ceedings" in electronic format for formatting and binding. Please provide a Word document if at all possible; Adobe pdf files are also acceptable but not preferred. Pictures should be submitted as separate files. Panel moderators need to submit a short introductory summary of their panel, including the panel title, panel participants and a short description of the panel. Panel moderators need to make sure that their presenters' abstracts, hand-outs or summaries are submitted.

Please email documents to WIFWC Hazard Tree Workshop Secretary Jessie Glaeser at by April 15, 2013.

If you have questions or think that your document will be longer than 6 pages, please contact Jessie before the deadline at 608-231-9215.