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Awesome prizes (TBA) will be offered for first place in each of the 5 photo contest categories.
The categories are open to your interpretation, and include:

  • Hazard Tree Darwin Award—stupid people doing stupid things
  • RVs, Winnebagos and Trucks, oh my
  • Barely Hanging On—Or, how can this still be standing?
  • Funniest Hazard Tree Photo
  • Cataclysmic Conks and Destructive Decay— artistic photos of conks, decay or hazard trees

You may enter any or all categories, but limit your submissions to (2) entries per category. Photos should be submitted in digital format; if your pictures are not in digital form, scanned prints can also be submitted.

Everyone will have a chance to vote for their favorite photo in each category following a slide show of the images, which will be presented on loop during the banquet. Please bring your photos on a flash drive so that they can be consolidated onto one computer early in the conference, before the banquet.

Active participation is crucial to a good contest!

For further information, please contact Robin Mulvey (FHP Juneau) at or 907-586-7971.