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Forest Insect and Pathogen Hazard Rating System Database
What is it?

The Forest Insect and Pathogen Hazard Rating System Database ScreenThe Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team’s Forest Insect and Pathogen Hazard Rating System Database is a collection of detailed summaries of insect and disease hazard and risk models and citations organized in a Microsoft Access relational database.  It has been constructed to serve three primary users: (1) Field practitioners can use it to locate published literature for evaluating field conditions and making treatment prescriptions.  (2) Researchers and other investigators will find it helpful when reviewing previous study methods and findings.  (3) Groups doing strategic planning, such as that done for the National Insect and Disease Risk Map efforts, can use it as the basis for integrative modeling.

The core of this database consists of a number of tables linking detailed information about hazard rating models and their associated citations.  Each rating system, or model, estimates some measure of risk or hazard to North American forest stands or trees from one or more insect or pathogen agent.  For each model, the database catalogues information about:

  • its documentation
  • its spatial scope (e.g. tree-based, stand-based, etc.)
  • its type (e.g. regression; CART, look-up table, simulation, etc)
  • whether the model estimates the susceptibility or vulnerability of its scope
  • what host tree species the model is applicable to
  • its applicable geographic range
  • its independent and dependent variables

The database application also contains hundreds of links to the models’ literature base via both internet hyperlinks and accompanying electronic PDFs.

Sample Screen Captures
Sample screen of a Database Record   Sample screen of the Report Generator
Click on image or here to enlarge sample screen of a Database Record   Click on image or here to enlarge sample screen of the Report Generator
How Do I Download and Install the Database?

The download available from this page is a self-extracting zip file containing a Microsoft Acess database (PestHazardDB.mdb) and numerous supporting documents.

  1. Download file link: PestHazardDB.exe (Release Date: 05-14-2009, 19M)
  2. After downloading the self-extracting file (PestHazardDB.exe), double click the file to begin the extraction of the database and associated files.
  3. You will be prompted to enter a directory path and name in which to install the database.  By default, the self-extraction procedure will create (and install to) the directory C:\RatingSystemDatabase

Included with this application are numerous supporting documents.  Documents describing the application reside in the installation’s root directory (e.g. C:\RatingSystemDatabase); documents pertaining to the application’s catalogued models reside in a subfolder named “Docs”.

To open the database after installation, double-click the file: PestHazardDB.mdb.

Refer to the accompanying documents Introduction_and_Tips.doc and ForestHazardDatabaseIntro.ppt for instructions and guidance about using the application.


Bill Monahan
Quantitative Analysis Program Manager
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