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Download the GenericSiteMapper

The GenericSiteMapper is GIS freeware that allows the user to create, and manage point based data geographically via a standardized Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Reference data sets such as ESRI shapefiles, ArcInfo coverages and geo-referenced images such as geo-Tiff and Mr. Sid can be displayed. Shapefile and coverage features may be interactively identified and labeled. New Point features may be added to the underlying Excel spreadsheet and spread sheet cell values can be edited with in the application. Point based coordinates can be interactively captured, relative to the underlying GIS dataset.

The GenericSiteMapper can display GIS data in any coordinate system, however datasets in different coordinate systems will not overlay.

Screen capture of the GenericSiteMapper

The application requires administrative privileges to be installed.

Download now via HTTP (39MB).

Download Instructions:

1. Click on the "Download" link above
2. Select "Save Target (or Link) As"
3. You will be prompted to save your file to your hard drive. Choose a location and click the "Save" button.
4. Install the application by navigating to the location where you have saved your file from step 3 and double-click the gsmInstall-1-1.EXE file.

For technical assistance contact
Tony Courter
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