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FVS-EMAP is a simple tool for moving simulation results from the USDA Forest Service's Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS) into the ArcView® Geographic Information System. FVS projections of a group of stands can provide many output variables projected into several future time periods. With FVS-EMAP, users can create maps by applying stand output variables for future time periods, or for one or more simulation scenarios.

Input to FVS-EMAP is generated by the FVS Event Monitor (EM), using COMPUTE keywords. All variables calculated via the COMPUTE keyword can be mapped using this process. A shapefile representing the stand boundaries is required as a "template" onto which FVS-EMAP will map EM output variables.


  Example ArcView image depicting FVS-projected risk
ratings from two different FVS simulation scenarios. Input data were imputed for 152 of the 397 polygons. Risk values were calculated via the Event Monitor's COMPUTE keyword. Model results were loaded into ArcView via the FVS-EMAP
What can be mapped with FVS-EMAP?
  • Pre-defined EM variables

    Many variables, representing a wide variety of site, tree, and stand attributes, are available within the EM (BA, TPA, QMD, etc.). Users have access to all of these pre-defined EM variables, and can write them to an output file. We provide users an EM Addfile that produces basic stand summary information.

  • User-defined variables

    Users may create new variables based upon mathematical manipulation of user-defined or pre-defined EM variables. Using this approach, stand conditions such as wildlife habitat indices or pest risk ratings can be calculated.

FHTET has produced EM addfiles that calculate insect risk ratings. Output from these addfiles may be used as input into FVS-EMAP.


Using FVS-EMAP requires...
  • Standard FVS software and input data
  • An appropriate FVS keyword file containing the COMPUTE keyword and expression(s) defining variable(s) of interest
  • The 'Compute2' post-processor (available with FVS software)
  • An ArcView® shapefile representing the simulated stands, providing the information needed to map stand boundaries
  • ArcView® GIS software, ver. 3.2 or higher (available on Forest Service IBM computers)
  • The custom ArcView® project, EMAP.apr (available from FHTET, see source below)


Using FVS-EMAP is a 3-step process
  1. Include the EM keyword COMPUTE, mathematical expressions that define your desired variables, and an END keyword into an FVS simulation. This generates the output to be mapped.
  2. Invoke the FVS Compute2 post-processor after executing the FVS run. This will convert the FVS output into a .cp2 file usable by FVS-EMAP.
  3. Launch our custom ArcView® project, EMAP.apr. Program prompts will guide the user through the map-creation process.

An additional FVS-EMAP feature automates the preparation of the stand boundary file inputs for the FVS Parallel Processor and the Westwide Pine Beetle Model FVS Extension. See the FVS-EMAP documentation for details.


This diagram shows the process to create maps from FVS output with the custom ArcView® project EMAP.apr.


How do I download the FVS-EMAP?

Select the following links to download the FVS-EMAP User's Guide, or select the Entire Package link for the FVS-EMAP program and documentation.

Downloading Individual Files:

Downloading the Entire Package:

  1. The FVS Program Package link will download a self-extracting Zip file. You may download this .exe file anywhere on your computer.
  2. Once downloaded, double-click the .exe file to begin the extraction process.
  3. Although you may extract the files to anywhere on your computer, we recommend that you use the default extraction locations.
  4. A number of files will be extracted into c:/fvs_emap. (If you do not have this directory, the extraction process will create it.) The files will include the FVS-EMAP ArcView® Project itself (EMAP.apr), the Stand Summary Statistics EM Addfile (sum_stats.kcp, and the accompanying User's Guides.
  5. The extraction will also create 2 subdirectories under the fvs_emap directory, named 'Legends' and SupportFiles'.
    The Legends directory wil contain a number of pre-formed ArcView® legend files (*.avl files) to be used with the FVS-EMAP, for output variables generated by the Stand Summary EM Addfile.
    Although the SupportFiles directory will be empty upon download, do not delete it. It is required by the FVS-EMAP project.


Online sources for software and documentation:

Additional FVS software and documentation can be downloaded from the Forest Management Service Center FVS Web site: | USFS | Forest Health Protection | FOIA | Accessibility Statement | Privacy Policy | Non-Discrimination Statement | Information Quality
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