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Technology Development to Support Insect and Disease Aerial Detection Surveys (DASM - Legacy)
DASM Plane
Digital Arial Sketchmapping

Digital Aerial Sketch Mapping (DASM) is a primary data-collection methodology that supports the Forest Health Projection Program (FHP), State and Private Forestry (SPF). The process involves conducting annual aerial and ground surveys. Survey data on the health of affected forest areas is collected across State, Private and Federal Lands, assigned standardized forest damage codes, and recorded and maintained by the Forest Heath Technology Enterprise Team (FHTET), Fort Collins, Co. FHTET supports over 120 cooperating users and 10 Forest Service Regions with this technology.

Detailed Overview

2011 DASM Tablet Computer Systems Benchmark Report

Digital Aerial SketchMapping Forum

DASM Manuals and Documents

The following documents are a 'How-To' manuals on GeoLink software, building background maps for use in GeoLink, post processing of collected data in ArcMap, and other relevant DASM topics. Software described in these documents can be downloaded below.  For feedback contact Charlie Schrader-Patton (email:

GeoLink v6.4 for Digital Aerial SketchMapping Tutorial (2MB PDF) - This tutorial covers installation, set-up, and running GeoLink v6.4 software for forest health surveying.  It also contains information of troubleshooting common problems with the software.

Arcgis 10 DASM background map tool (680KB PDF) - This document describes the use of the DFrame 2 Raster ArcTool for making background image maps for use in GeoLink software.

DASM ERDAS Image Map Manual (1MB PDF) - This document describes the procedures to build background image maps for GeoLink using ERDAS Imagine 2010 software.

DASM Training (1.4MB PPTX) - Powerpoint slides for use in training, feel free to modify and use when conducting training sessions.


Below are links to download GeoLink and other software utilities.  If you are unsure which version of GeoLink to download, contact Charlie Schrader-Patton (

GeoLink v (103MB ZIP)

GeoLink v 6.4.1 (78MB ZIP) - To install, first uninstall any previous versions of GeoLink. Next, extract the contents of this zip file and click on the .exe file.

ASD DataTools v 1.2 (554KB ZIP) - ASD Datatools are a set of ArcMap tools in a ArcToolBox (.tbx) that will help in post-processing shapefiles collected with the DASM software (GeoLink). Extract the contents of the zip file to your hard drive and view the ReadMe file for installation instructions.

Missing dlls (417KB ZIP) - On some PC's dll files are missing that are required to run GeoLink (msvcr71.dll, msvcp71.dll). GeoLink will throw an error during install if these files are missing.  If you receive this error, download this zip file and place the dlls in the correct Windows system folder and launch the install of Geolink again.

For Windows 7 32-bit place the missing dlls here: C:\Windows\System32
For Windows 7 64-bit place the missing dlls here: C:\Windows\SysWOW64

Sentinel Drivers v 7.6.3 (6.5MB ZIP) If you are using Windows 7, you may need to install this driver to properly license GeoLink software.

ERDAS Imagine bcf and mdl (2KB ZIP) - These files are for using  ERDAS Imagine 2010 software to create background image maps.

DFrame 2 Raster v1.2 (11MB ZIP)- This is a zip file with the ArcToolBox (.tbx) and ArcMap document (.mxd) and other associated files used in making background image maps with ArcMap v10. This version contains an 1:24,000 (7.5’x7.5’) export tool as well as the 1:100,000 export tool.  Outputs in this version are clipped to the quad boundary.  Extract the contents of the zip file to your hardrive and open the mxd file in ArcMap 10.


Xplore Tablet Tip #1

Xplore Tablet Tip #2

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