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Pesticide Registration

USDA Forest Service through its Forest Health Protection program maintains federal (U.S. EPA) and state pesticide registrations for two biological pesticides it produces and uses in its forest pest management projects. The Forest Service also provides these pesticides to federal and state cooperators at no cost. These pesticide products are Gypchek (EPA No. 27586-2), a nuclear polyhedrosis virus effective against gypsy moth larvae; and TM Biocontrol-1, (EPA No. 27586-1), a nuclear polyhedrosis virus effective against larvae of the Douglas-fir tussock moth. These biological products provide selective and environmentally sound pest management options. For further registration information on these FS products, contact Stephen Covell (EPA registrations) and Richard Reardon (State Registrations of Gypchek and TM Biocontrol-1).

Jurisdiction Gypchek
Maryland 2014
Ohio 2014
Wisconsin 2014
New Jersey 2014
North Carolina 2014
Virginia 2014
West Virginia 2014
Pennsylvania 2014
New York 2014
Jurisdiction TM Biocontrol-1
California 2014
Oregon 2014
Washington 2014
New Mexico 2014
Idaho 2014