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Pesticide Use Policy


Biological and chemical pesticides are employed as one component of an integrated approach to managing Forest insect, disease and invasive plant problems. Pesticides are one tool utilized by forest managers to protect and maintain forest health.

To ensure the proper use of pesticides, it is Forest Service policy to:

    1. Base actual and recommended uses of pesticides on analysis of effectiveness, specificity, environmental impacts, economic efficiency and human exposure.
    2. Review and approve all proposals for the use and application of pesticides on National Forest System lands. FS personnel may obtain current version of Pesticide-Use Proposal (PUP) Form FS-2100-0002 from FS intranet portal.
    3. Use pesticides in compliance with all Federal, State and local laws and regulations.
    4. Permit only certified personnel or those under the supervision of a certified applicator to use restricted-use pesticides.