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Massive groups of cicada emerges

CicadaThe periodical cicada emerges in massive groups once every 13 or 17 years and is completely unique to North America. There are 15 of these mass groups, called broods, of periodical cicadas in the United States.

Illinois Governor Proclaims April 17, 2008 to be Asian Longhorned Beetle Eradication Day

Asian Longhorned BeetleAsian longhorned beetle, or ALB, responsible for the destruction of more than 1,500 trees in northeastern Illinois, has been eradicated in Illinois, state and federal officials recently said on Thursday, April 17.

Sirex noctilio Fabricius in New York State

Sirex noctilio A fall 2004 collection of a solitary female woodwasp in a New York survey trap was identified in February 2005 as Sirex noctilio. Infested red (Pinus resinosae) and Scots (P. sylvestris) pines were subsequently found in nearby Oswego, NY later that spring.

Brown fir Longhorned Beetle

Brown fir Longhorned Beetle Callidiellum villosulum (Fairmaire), also known as the Brown Fir Longhorned Beetle, has been found in real wood trunks of artificial Christmas trees imported from China. During the time period 1999 – 2001, more than 20 interceptions of this species were recorded.


Forest Service Climate Change Programs:
The Forest Service has several inter-related programs to help forests, grasslands and humans mitigate and adapt to global climate change.

Climate Change Research in the US Forest Service (video):
ReThinking Forest Management in the West.

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