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Training & Workshops

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FHP routinely provides safety and management training and annual workshops key to risk management, efficiency and quality assurance.  Training and workshops target a range of federal and state positions including flight managers, program managers and supervisors of personnel that utilize aircraft.  The primary focus of safety training is risk management for aerial application, photography and survey operations.  Additionally, various workshops are provided to introduce or update technology, calibrate equipment and personnel, and improve customer service.

Aviation Training Requirements


Interagency Aviation Training (IAT) Guide

FHP IAT Matrix

Supplemental Information

Fixed-Wing Flight Manager Special-Use Task Book

Helicopter Manager – Resource Task Book


Aviation Training


AS2M Courses

Aerial Survey Aviation Safety and Management Course (AS2M 2015)

March 17-19, 2015
Lakewood, CO
Announcement & Registration

Sponsored by:

Forest Health Protection
State and Private Forestry
USDA Forest Service

For More Information, contact:

Jeff Mai (970-295-5878)
FHP Aviation Safety Manager
2150A Centre Ave., Suite 331
Fort Collins, CO 80526

Course Objectives

Provide specific aviation safety and management information to people involved in natural resource aerial surveys.

The Aerial Survey Aviation Safety and Management course (AS2M) is designed specifically for aerial survey specialists responsible for conducting such missions as sketch mapping, aerial photography, wildlife census, vegetation survey, and aerial recon in general.

This course meets all Interagency Aviation Training requirements for "Fixed-wing Manager — Special Use."

Course Subjects

Aviation Safety and Management

Airplane/Helicopter Safety, Aircraft Accident Prevention, Annual Mishap and Review, Risk Management, Human Factors, Aviation Mishap Reporting (SAFECOM), Aircraft Crash Survival, Aircraft Instrumentation, Aviation Management Plans, Automated Flight Following (AFF), and Flight Plans, Flight Following and Dispatcher Operations.

Conducting a Mission

Conducting a Fixed-wing Special Use Mission, Logistics & Cost Effectiveness, Communications & Check-ins (Flight Following), Mission Specific Safety, Crew Resource Management, Airspace Issues, Aviation Chart Reading/Mission Planning, A Survey Pilot's Perspective Aircraft Capabilities and Limitations, Meteorology and Flying Weather, Mountain and Canyon Flying, Aviation Radio Use, and Group Practical Exercises.

Aviation Administration

Federal Aviation Regulations, Aircraft and Pilot Procurement, Agency Aviation Policy, and Pilot and Aircraft Inspections.

Pre-season Aerial Survey Workshops

Northeastern Area
Durham Field Office Preseason Workshop

June 2, 2014
Lebanon, NH
See draft agenda
Contact William Frament for more information

Regions 1, 2, 3, 4
2015 Four Regions Calibration & Conformity

June 8-12th, 2015
Taos, NM
See draft agenda
Contact Crystal Tischler for more information

Region 6
2014 Pacific Northwest Region Calibration & Conformity

June 24-26th, 2014
Redmond, OR
See agenda
Contact Ben Smith for more information

Region 10
2015 Aerial Survey Preseason Workshop

May 14-15th, 2015
Anchorage, AK
See agenda
Contact Tom Heutte for more information


For additional information contact Jeff Mai

Group Photos
Application Safety 2014 Group Photo

Click on images to enlarge photos.

Aerial Application Safety for State and Federal Spray Program Managers 2014 - Indiana

AASM 2014 Group Photo - Illinois
Application Safety 2011 Group Photo

Aerial Application Safety and Management for Project Personnel 2011 - Indiana

AASM 2011 Group Photo - Illinois
Application Safety 2010 Group Photo

Aerial Application Safety for State and Federal Spray Program Managers 2010 - Illinois

AAS 2010 Group Photo - Illinois
Application Safety 2009 Group Photo

Aerial Application Safety for State and Federal Spray Program Managers 2009 - Ohio

AAS 2009 Group Photo - Ohio
Application Safety 2008 Group Photo

Aerial Application Safety for State and Federal Spray Program Managers 2008 - Michigan

AAS 2008 Group Photo - Michigan
AS2M 2015 Group Photo

AS2M 2015 - Colorado

AS2M 2015 Group Photo - Colorado
AS2M 2014 Group Photo

AS2M 2014 - Oregon

AS2M 2014 Group Photo - Colorado
AS2M 2013 Group Photo

AS2M 2013 - Rhode Island

AS2M 2013 Group Photo - Colorado
AS2M 2012 Group Photo

AS2M 2012 - Colorado

AS2M 2012 Group Photo - Colorado
AS2M 2011 Group Photo

AS2M 2011 - Pennsylvania

AS2M 2011 Group Photo - Pennsylvania
AS2M 2010 Group Photo

AS2M 2010 - New Mexico

AS2M 2010 Group Photo - Albuquerque
AS2M 2009 Group Photo

AS2M 2009 - Oregon

AS2M 2009 Group Photo - Oregon
AS2M 2008 Group Photo

AS2M 2008 - Pennsylvania

AS2M 2008 Group Photo - Pennsylvania

AS2M 2008 - Colorado

AS2M 2008 Group Photo - Colorado
AS2M 2006 Group Photo

AS2M 2006 - Spokane, WA

AS2M 2006 Team Photo
AS2M 2005 Quotes and Group Photo

"Teaching is done with excitement and it helps the students to be more motivated."

"This course was good for those of us that have limited experience with flying survey and aviation in general."

"The information is presented in a way that we can see the practical use of applying it in the field."

"The information that was taught is very useful."

"Good amount of breaks."

AS2M 2005 - North Carolina (top photo)
AS2M 2005 - South Carolina (bottom photo)

AS2M 2005 North Carolina Team Photo
AS2M 2005 South Carolina Group Photo
AS2M 2004 Quotes and Group and Instructors Photos

"I really enjoyed the course and appreciate the quality information."

"This class was a definite eye opener for me. It has made me aware of the many things I can change to make circumstances better."

"Great training, thought provoking discussion."

"One of the best training courses I ever had."

"This dynamic mix definitely makes this course a great one, and well worth the time."

"I feel fortunate to have been able to attend."

"The course really opened my eyes for what my agency needs."

"Thought provoking."

"The course was very informative and enlightening."

"Flying aerial surveys for my organization will never be the same, they will be much better organized and safer."

AS2M 2005 North Carolina Team Photo
AS2M 2005 South Carolina Group Photo
Safety Training References

Aviation Safety and Training for Forest Health Protection Employees (PDF 1.2 MB)

Elements of a Project Aviation Safety Plan


U.S. Forest Service Fire and Aviation Management

Aviation Training

Interagency Aviation Training


USFS Aviation Safety - Submit Safecom Form