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Production & Safety Statistics

Statistical information regarding production rates and safety are invaluable for planning purposes and managing risk. This information is provided for each of FHP’s aviation program areas, USDA Forest Service and cooperator aviation as a whole. Additionally, FHP and cooperating agencies utilize Safecom for reporting incidents and potentially hazardous situations for the purpose of accident prevention, please utilize the system and learn from the included summaries.

2014 AERIAL SURVEY STATISTICS – total hours, proportion of flight hours utilizing automated flight following and digital mapping systems.

PROGRAM SAFETY STATISTICS – summary and accident rate statistics for FHP operations.

AIRCRAFT INCIDENTS – detailed information for FHP Aerial Application incidents occurring since 1990.

SAFECOM SUMMARY– FHP and Cooperator Safecoms reported 2012.

2014 SAFETY SUMMARY – USDA Forest Service FY 2014 Aviation Safety Summary prepared by the National Aviation Safety Center; includes objectives, accomplishments, mishap trends and statistical summary for all agency and cooperator operations