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Safety & Management

…more than a program, safety is our business, it is our end state.

Welcome to the FHP Aviation Safety & Management where you will find National, Regional and State aviation management plans, important statistical information, federal directives, safety process and analysis documents, recommendations and requirements for managers and aviation users.

FHP’s mission is to protect and improve the health of America’s forests. Aviation operations are necessary within our overall strategy and FHP Aviation recognizes that in order to succeed, safety must be our ultimate goal. Any business that places production above safety will fail. FHP and cooperating State and Federal agencies strive for program efficiency that prioritizes operational safety.

RISK MANAGEMENT – FHP Aviation Risk Assessments, alerts, bulletins, more…

STATISTICS – incident history and accomplishments, safety and Safecom summaries

POLICY & FHP AVIATION – FARs, Aeronautical Information, USFS manuals and handbooks

AVIATION PLANNING – National, Regional and State aviation plans, airport info, NOTAMs, more…