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FHP Aviation Safety Award

FHP commemorates and acknowledges the contributions made by Rod Whiteman, Dan Snider and Patrick Jessup by annually recognizing excellence in Forest Health Aviation activities.

These exceptional individuals have made significant contributions in 1) Promoting a positive aviation safety culture, 2) Forest health aviation activities directly benefiting the resource, and 3) Building efficiency and effectiveness among Federal and State partners in Forest Health Aviation Safety.

We sincerely thank you!

2015 Award
2015 Aviation Safety Award Don Eggen
2015 – Don Eggen, Forest Health Manager, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (left) receiving the award from Bob Rabaglia, USFS FHP during the 2015 Gypsy Moth Program Managers Meeting. Don has been a leader affecting positive change in forest health monitoring, management and aviation safety for over three decades. He was a principal advocate in establishing and Chairing the Aerial Application Safety Council, is regularly engaged with the Forest Health Monitoring and Aerial Survey Working Groups and frequently orchestrates key meetings and training for state a federal personnel. Don routinely emerges as a positive and well-respected expert, going far beyond the duties of his position and settling for nothing less than excellence in forest health and aviation safety. His efforts have significantly influenced and measurably contributed toward an exceptional safety record not only his state personnel, but for FHP and partner organizations nationally. Congratulations and thank you Don!
2014 Award
2014 Aviation Safety Award Ben Smith
2014 – Ben Smith, acting Unit Aviation Officer, Pacific Northwest Region (left) has been a strong supporter of the cooperative efforts between the USFS, Oregon Department of Forestry and Washington State Department of Natural Resources in the successful and safe execution of forest health aerial detection survey programs for over a decade. Ben continually places safety as the highest priority, promoting Safety Management Systems. He is passionate about all aspects of forest health and forest health aviation, has taken his expertise to the classroom as a qualified Interagency Aviation Training instructor at Fire and Aviation Management-sponsored events and annually at Aerial Survey Aviation Safety and Management for over five years. He is a member of the Aerial Survey Working Group and volunteers for special assignments such as addressing forest conditions issues nationally through the Survey Requirements Team and developing fresh, new training curriculum.
2013 Award
2013 Aviation Safety Award Joe Duda 2013 Aviation Safety Award for Joe Duda
2013 – Joe Duda, Deputy State Forester with the Colorado State Forest Service (Center); The award was presented by Jim Hubbard, Deputy Chief of State and Private Forestry (Right) with Jeff Mai, FHP Aviation Safety Manager (Left). Joe has been a strong supporter of cooperative efforts and the safe execution of Aerial Surveys for over a decade. He participates during key meetings and training, leads by example, engaging CSFS employees and even flying survey himself. Joe places safety as the highest priority and has contributed to developing a positive, effective and long-term cooperative partnership.
2011 Award
2012 Award
2011 Aviation Safety Award Ken Zogas 2012 Aviation Safety Award for Dan Zimmerman
2011 – Ken Zogas, Biological Science Technician and Aerial Surveyor with the Alaska Region; Ken has over 30 years flying aerial survey in Alaska and has a wealth of information he shares with cooperators. Alaska presents some of the most difficult conditions in the country and Ken has a reputation for always placing safety above production. 2012 – Dan Zimmerman, Northeastern Area Aviation Officer; presented in absentia during the Forest Health Monitoring Meeting in Tucson, Northeastern Area S&PF Assistant Director Mark Buccowich accepting the award from FHP Deputy Director Anne Hoover (also pictured is Jeff Mai, FHP Aerial Survey and Aviation Safety Manager).
National Gypsy Moth Management Board Awards
2013 Awards
2013 National Gypsy Moth Awards Ernest Dankwa 2013 National Gypsy Moth Awards Victor Mastro
2013 – Annual Gypsy Mother Review, Evanston, IL. Left: Ernest Dankwa of Valent Biosciences was recognized with the Leadership and Professional Service Contribution Award, assisting forest protection managers around the globe with biorational insecticides; accepting the award for Ernest is Jason Clark. Right: Victor Mastro of APHIS-PPQ was recognized with the Lifetime Contribution Award, developing the Sterile Insect Technique for gypsy moth eradication and for decades of regulatory, detection, survey and control accomplishments; accepting the award for Victor is David Lance. Presenting is Carl Harper, University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture and Vice Chair for the National Gypsy Moth Management Board Executive Committee.
2012 Awards
2012 National Gypsy Moth Awards
2012 –Mike and Al Schiffer, During the Annual Gypsy Moth Review held in Portland OR, Matt Andresen recognizes Al and Mike with the Lifetime Contribution Award for technology development, outreach and coordination through groups such as National Agricultural Aviation Association and Aerial Application Safety Council and, especially, advances in safety and efficiency benefitting federal and state partners and all applicators involved with gypsy moth spray projects.
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Aerial Survey Working Group Meeting


January 21-22, 2015
Fort Collins, CO
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Pinch-Hitter Flight Training


2013 Pacific Southwest Region
April 22, 2013
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Aviation Safety for FHP Supervisors

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Aviation Safety for Aerial Application Project Personnel:

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Aerial Survey Aviation Safety & Management (AS2M) 2015:

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Gypsy Moth Program Managers and Slow the Spread Meeting

Annual Gypsy Moth Review

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