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Log Scaling

ScaleExpansion iconNational Scale Expansion Program (ScaleExpansion)

The Scale Expansion program is useful for recording scaled load information. The program produces total scaled volumes for timber sale contracts by monthly and quarterly periods for transmission to the Forest Service’s Timber Sale Accounting (TSA) system for billing. ScaleExpansion calculates volume expansions for conventional scaling, 3P scaling, weight scaling, and load count scaling. It handles both flat and escalated sales. Scale expansion reports are part of the official scale records to be kept with the timber sale contract per FSH 2409.15. The program features include entering new contract information, creating ticket book records, creating new sample groups and contract species for a sale, importing data from other sources, entering individual log load receipts as they come in, editing information, archiving sales, and general maintenance.

The computer-based tutorial for the Scale Expansion program is available on our Training web page…

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