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What do you do where GPS is not available?

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TwoTrails is available. This is a survey package which can incorporate and mix most type of surveying used to determine boundaries for forest service units, or to navigate to sample plots associated with the units. The Forest Management Service Center, Forest Products Measurement Group, has successfully used this package in forests exercises, experimental site tests, and academia arenas. This is a freeware survey package supporting NFS timber cruisers. Consult with your regional measurement specialist before using this program in production activities.

The following presentation briefly explains the purpose of the tool:

For more information, contact Gary Boyack at

Happy TwoTrails to You!

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TwoTrails Version 2 is being released in a production mode with a caveat. All the basic survey functions work for production. Some of the advanced operations are still being tested, but appear to be stable. These advanced functions are secondary operations and are not necessary for basic operations.

If you are interested in trying the program, please complete and submit the registration form below. You may then download the files and follow the install guide. We will only use your information to help us determine where the tool is being tried. We may contact you to determine how we can better serve the timber cruising community.

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TwoTrails Software Version Version 2: v1.4.52-617, Build Date 6/17/2016
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