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Picture of a man entering data using FScruiser on an Allegro Juniper portable data recorder.

A rotation of pictures showing views of the FSscruiser program's interface.

FScruiser - Cruise Data Entry

FScruiser is the Windows/Windows CE successor to NatCDE, the MS-DOS based cruising data entry system used successfully for over twelve years.

FScruiser has been designed to be small, fast, stable, intuitive, and customizable. It will run on many Windows CE field data recorders and PDRs. This allows field units to purchase hardware fitting their local environmental conditions and budgets.

FScruiser supports the cruise methods outlined in the Timber Cruising Handbook (FSH 2409.12), including fixed plot, fixed count/measure, point sampling, point count/measure, classical 3P, fixed plot 3P, point 3P, 3P-point, and sample tree. Sample tree with 3P subsampling will be available in 2008.

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