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FScruiser V2 – Mobile Timber Cruise Data Collection

FScruiser V2 (version 2) is the latest generation of timber cruising field data collection software for the U.S. Forest Service’s National Cruise System. The mobile version of FScruiser is designed to operate on the Windows CE, Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded Handheld family of mobile operating systems.

FScruiser currently supports the cruise methods outlined in the Timber Cruising Handbook (FSH 2409.12), including fixed plot, fixed count-measure, point sampling, point count-measure, sample tree, classical 3P, fixed plot-3P, point-3P, 3P-point, and sample tree-3P.

The fix-count cruise method and multi-stem calculator will be available soon.

New Features and Improvements with FScruiser include:

  • Stable, reliable database
  • Improved Sample Selection
    • Blocked or Systematic for Sample Tree (STR)
    • Systematic for PCM and FCM
    • Sampling state saved across populations
    • Insurance tree tracking
    • Untally feature
  • Easier Multi-Strata tallying
  • Real-time auditing
  • 3P Sure to Measure
  • Streamlined Cruiser’s Initials


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