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Create or Change a Suppose Shortcut

Suppose icon.

When Suppose is installed on your PC using the Setup Program, a shortcut is created in the Suppose Program Group. This shortcut is pre-configured to use "C:\Fvsbin" as the Start in: folder. As a result, you must first select a previous simulation (File, Open) or select a specific Locations file using File, Open Locations File... before you may proceed with selecting stands, configuring, and running a simulation. Doing otherwise may generate an error message: "Suppose cannot open locations file: suppose.loc".

You may change existing Suppose shortcuts or create additional Suppose shortcuts to setup a specific default dataset for Suppose to access at program start. This will allow you to immediately begin selecting stands and configuring a simulation without having to search for the locations file from the File menu as described above. The error message will not be generated as Suppose will find the desired Locations file at startup. You may create as many shortcuts as you wish to directly access different project's data in different locations on your hard drive. You may create these on your Windows desktop or place them in a new program group.

Create a Suppose Shortcut on Your Desktop

A new Suppose shortcut can be created using a common method to create new shortcuts in Windows.

  1. Point your mouse cursor to an empty space on your Windows desktop.
  2. Click on the right mouse button.
  3. Select New and slide the cursor to the right to expand another menu.
  4. Select Shortcut.
  5. A Create Shortcut window will appear. This Wizard will guide you through the creation of a new shortcut.
  6. Click the Browse... button. A Browse window will appear.
  7. Locate the C:\Fvsbin folder.
  8. Select the Suppose.exe file.
  9. Click Open.
  10. You will be returned to the Create Shortcut window. The pathname to the Suppose.exe file will be visible in the Command Line box. Click on the Next > button.
  11. A Select a Title for the Program appears. The program's filename will be the default title for the new shortcut. Change the name to Suppose, or you may name the shortcut per your specific Suppose/FVS project.
  12. Click the Finish button. The Suppose shortcut will appear on your desktop.

Changing the Online Tutorial's Default Variant

Suppose includes an online tutorial using the Lake States Variant. To setup a Suppose shortcut to run the online tutorial with the Lake States Variant, in Step 10 above, add the following after Suppose.exe: -defvariant=ls. This will change the default variant to Lake States rather than Northern Idaho. Click the Next > button and proceed with the above instructions.

Change the Suppose "Start in:" Folder

Now that you have created a Suppose shortcut, you can configure it so Suppose will default at startup to a specific set of project data. This is handy when you are working with multiple projects. You can copy the Suppose shortcut to have an icon for each project, and change the "Start in" directory accordingly for each project.

  1. To change the Start in: folder, right-click on the Suppose icon on your desktop.
  2. Left-click on Properties at the bottom of the context menu.
  3. Select the Shortcut tab.
  4. Change Start In: from C:\Fvsbin to C:\Fvsdata\regionX, for example, to access the data in a particular Region's data. You may substitute a different path for different projects and data.
  5. Click the OK button.

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