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FVS Software Components

Updates to the components of the FVS system are available from this page.

  • Data Acquisition
    Programs to translate, convert, and query data for use with FVS. Download data translators for forest plot and stand polygon information available from Forest Service sources.
  • Suppose User Interface
    Suppose program files for installing or updating the Suppose interface. Obtain the graphical user interface to FVS.
  • Geographic Variant Installer Files
    The FVS Variant Installer contains all of the FVS variants with the specified attributes.
  • Keyword Component Files (Addfiles)
    Keyword sets developed by our staff or others to perform certain functions not currently available in the FVS models, extensions, or post-processors. Retrieve pre-built FVS auxiliary addfiles.
  • Post-Processors
    Programs integrated with FVS to extend and enhance FVS modeling, reporting, and display capabilities. Download updates of common and advance program applications.

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