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Drawing of a floppy disk.Obtain Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS) software at the Complete Package or Components links below. We suggest checking the FVS software pages often. FVS software changes as needs arise to improve the models and programs. We recommend bookmarking this web page for future reference. You will need forest inventory or stand examination data to run FVS.

Complete Package

The FVS Software Setup file covers all Regions of the National Forest System. It includes the graphical user interface (Suppose), FVS Variant files, and post-processing programs including the Stand Visualization System (SVS), sample data, and exercise workbooks in a single, easy-to-install utility.

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FVS is comprised of a suite of software programs. Users can choose to update individual components of the FVS system. Data translation programs are available to obtain forest inventory information for model projections. You may download new releases of the Suppose interface. Additionally, you may refresh the FVS geographic variant files as specified by the FVS Bulletin System. You may also retrieve and update Keyword Component files and post processing programs as needed.

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FVS Source Code

The FVS source code is available through the "open-fvs" project. See the DownLoadingSourceCode page on the open-fvs Wiki for information about using an SVN client to download the FVS source files. There are also instructions on the Wiki for building FVS executable files using several different tools.

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