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FVS Bulletins 2016 and Suppose Release Notes

FVS Bulletins. The following are FVS bulletins posted in the current calendar year 2015. Suppose Release Notes follow the FVS Bulletins table. Bulletins from previous years are also available. These bulletins notify users of program updates, problems, or other information related to the Forest Vegetation Simulator, the Fire and Fuels Extensions, and the Insect and Pathogen models. Click the filename to download or to open the bulletin. The files are small, simple ASCII text files, 2 to 27 KB in size.

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Description Filename

Bulletin: 740
Model(s): FVS
Variant(s): All
Topic(s): A crown dubbing problem in Regions 8 and 9 variants was corrected, a potential issue in calculating the below ground biomass of small trees was corrected in all variants, a problem in calculating mean crown ratio in Region 8 was corrected, the FVS Economic Extension (ECON) has been added to the variants in Regions 4, 8, and 9, the Clark board foot volume equations have been added for optional use in Region 8, four Flewelling volume equations have been made available for optional use in all National Forests in Region 3.


Bulletin: 739
Model(s): FVS
Variant(s): Regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 10
Topic(s): This update is to addresses issues introduced in the July 1st FVS Update Bulletin No. 738, and to update the default volume equations for some species in Region 3. Problems with crown dubbing and diameter bounding were corrected.


Bulletin: 738
Model(s): FVS
Variant(s): All
Topic(s): A tree age field was added to three database output tree list tables, a problem with the default snag file unit number corrected, tree age calculation was corrected when using the full establishment model, a problem with the FERTILIZ keyword PARMS option was corrected, the calculation of woodland species volumes in Region 3 was updated, item 8 of FVS Update Bulletin No. 737 was clarified, and the calculation of diameter growth scaling was enhanced in three Region 6 variants.


Bulletin: 737
Model(s): FVS
Variant(s): All
Topic(s): The volume equations available to the VOLEQNUM keyword have been expanded, the snag file name has been changed, the default stump height has been updated in Regions 8 and 9, small tree volumes, yellow birch volume, and Gevorkiantz equation volumes have been updated in Region 9, board foot volumes have been changed to International ΒΌ board foot on the Mark  Twain and Shawnee NF, a change in model logic may cause small differences in volumes in the AK and CR variants, a problem processing the BFVOLUME keyword was corrected in the CR and NC variants, minor corrections were made to the OC and OP variants, and the root disease keyword supplemental record format was updated.


Bulletin: 736
Model(s): FVS
Variant(s): All
Topic(s): The maximum number of event monitor variables was increased, a new location code was created for the Warm Springs Reservation forest lands, climate data may be input within the keyword file, the diameter bounding function was improved in the SN variant, corrections were made to BLM volume and certain snag volume calculations, potential numerical errors were avoided in the PN, WC and OP variants, and problems concerning the Pruning and ThinQFA keywords were corrected.


Suppose Release Notes

Suppose Release Notes describe problem fixes with previous versions and the additions of new features to Suppose. The files are small, simple ASCII text files. The file name format "rn115.txt" denotes "release notes for Suppose version 1.15". The ".txt" file extension denotes the ASCII text file format.

File Size File Date
rn206.txt 1 KB 02-05-2016
rn205.txt 1 KB 10-01-2015
rn204.txt 3 KB 12-24-2014
rn203.txt 3 KB 11-20-2013
rn202.txt 22 KB 01-15-2013
rn201.txt 3 KB 08-12-2009
rn120.txt 3 KB 05-16-2007
rn119.txt 4 KB 07-10-2006
rn118.txt 7 KB 06-14-2006
rn117.txt 992 bytes 11-09-2004
rn116.txt 6 KB 05-21-2004
rn115.txt 5 KB 09-16-2002
rn114.txt 4 KB 04-30-2002
rn113.txt 3 KB 12-27-2000
rn112.txt 4 KB 04-25-2000
rn111.txt 4 KB 01-13-2000
rn110.txt 3 KB 02-22-1999
rn109.txt 4 KB 10-14-1998
rn108.txt 7 KB 09-18-1998
rn107.txt 5 KB 09-18-1998
rn106.txt 3 KB 09-18-1998
rn105.txt 3 KB 09-18-1998
rn104.txt 2 KB 09-18-1998

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