Project Name: Website development for Strategic Placement of Treatments (SPOTS) and Stewardship and Fireshed Assessment (SFA) programs

Abstract:  SPOTS is a USFS national program and Stewardship and Fireshed Assessment is a Pacific Southwest Regional program, both based on the principle of strategic placement of treatments to maximize the effectiveness of fuel and vegetation management. This cutting edge approach to natural resource management program development uses fire behavior modeling and a collaborative learning approach to generate realistic data concerning outcomes and a greater understanding of fire behavior on the landscape for all participants. Heavily tied to fire modeling and GIS, the process is ever-changing and improving. Tracking “lessons learned” and reporting news about innovative applications of the process is a critical need provided by FMI through this contract.

Project Funding Source: FMI

Agency Contact: Sue Stewart, USFS, Washington Office, District of Columbia

Completed Nov. 2007

Products: See completed website at

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