FFI is a monitoring tool designed to assist managers with collection, storage and analysis of ecological information. It is being constructed through a complementary integration of the Fire Ecology Assessment Tool (FEAT) and FIREMON. The National Interagency Fuels Coordination Group is the sponsoring group. The National Park Service is the managing partner. Fire Modeling Institute employees are part of the FFI development team and will provide technical support after system release in the fall of 2007.

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FEAT and FIREMON both facilitate fire ecology monitoring and have similar procedural characteristics and database architecture. Their integration results in an enhanced monitoring tool that eases data collection, and supports cooperative, interagency data management and information sharing. FFI supports scalable (site specific to landscape level) monitoring for land management agencies at the field and research level.

FFI provides software modules for: data entry, data storage, GIS, summary reports, analysis tools and PDA use. This modular design optimizes the use of computer resources by allowing users to download only the modules they need. The field sampling procedures facilitate data collection. While most sampling procedures are focused on fire effects, FFI incorporates a Protocol Builder. This component lets users define their own sampling protocol, allowing FFI to be used for other natural resource applications including wildlife monitoring. The FFI data migration tool will move FEAT and FIREMON data in to the new system.

FFI employs a client-server architecture that is scalable from desktop to server installation supporting simultaneous multiple user access. The system is designed to work on Windows XP® operating systems. Data is stored in a SQL Express database and accessed with SQL and dotNet code. ESRI Arc® products are used for GIS functionality. The system is designed for the varying IT requirements of the NPS, BLM, FWS, BIA and USFS.
Software and user guides are available at http://frames.nbii.gov/ffi . Workshop dates for training on the FFI software are also listed on FRAMES website.

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