Project Name: Whitebark Pine Blister Rust Map

Abstract: A model for predicting and mapping blister rust infection in whitebark pine was developed.  The Whitebark-Limber pine Information System (WLIS) database provided plot-level data on infection for use as the dependent or response variable.  Physiographic and climatic (DAYMET) gradient data were used as the independent or predictor variables.  The “random forest” method, a regression tree statistical approach, was then used to predict and map percent blister rust infection to all areas having the potential to support whitebark pine.  Information from the blister rust map will be used in the development of a regional whitebark pine restoration strategy.

Completed: 9/30/2007
Project Funding Source:

Agency Contact: Mary Manning, Regional Vegetation Ecologist, USFS

Publications: RMRS Research Note (postponed as of 5/07))

Completed Map and GIS data;

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