Project Name: MT/ID Prescribed Burn Reporting System – Emissions Component

Abstract:  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is in the process of enforcing regulations that require more detailed emissions reporting from State Departments of Environmental Quality (DEQs). In 2006, the Montana DEQ suggested that the existing MT/ID Prescribed Burn Reporting System be used to collect and calculate emissions data with the goal of providing one-stop-reporting rather than creating additional mechanisms that require duplication of effort. Idaho’s Executive Board of the MT/ID Airshed Group agreed to participate in implementation of the new procedures within the MT/ID Prescribed Burn Reporting System, recognizing that although the processes and requirements for smoke management differ between MT and ID, each state will ultimately be required to meet the same federal statutes.
The Fire Modeling Institute is working with the MT/ID Airshed Group and University of Montana’s National Center for Landscape Fire Analysis to integrate the First Order Fire Effects Model (FOFEM) and the best available fuel consumption and emissions research into the PBRS.  FMI will support the integration through research, analysis, and training.

Completion Date: 1/31/07
Project Funding Source:
Agency Contact: Dave Grace, MT/ID Smoke Monitoring Unit Coordinator, USFS
Publications: None
Current Status: Collaboration will continue through the next update.

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