Jan, 2009 FFI Training completed and upcoming
November, 2009 FFI new release on FRAMES

June, 2009 RMRS-GTR-225 Field Guide to Identifying Fuel Loading Models now available

June, 2009 FIRECALC Web Page at FMI
May, 2009 FireWords Glossary now available

May, 2009 Information team finishes literature reviews and updated citations on over 200 species

February 9, 2009, FOFEM web version - development progress
May, 2008 FIREWORDS Glossary now available
May, 2008 FEIS now incorporating fire regime descriptions from LANDFIRE rapid assessment database
May, 2008 FMI trains first intern
April 7, 2008 Sacramento workshop hosts 27 participants
April 7, 2008 Training opportunities on FFI for spring 08
March 26, 2008 FMI to hold workshop in Sacramento, CA
February 5-7, 2008 Northern Rockies Fire Behavior Workshop held in Missoula
February 5, 2008 First workshop on using new ecological monitoring software held in Boise, ID (FFI)
November 15, 2007 FMI member to conduct several training workshops on using newly developed ecological monitoring software (FFI)November 6-9, 2007 FMI members teach SPOT principles at workshop sessions in Portland, OR
August 12-17, 2007, FMI member facilitiates beta-testing of sampling software
August 2007, FMI members working on decision support for northwestern fires
June 26-28, 2007 FIREWISE workshop offered at FireLab in Missoula, MT
June, 2007 - FMI provides technical assistance on Southeastern Fires

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