Northern Rockies Fire Behavior Workshop
February 5-7, 2008

Fire behavior specialists from across the Northern Rockies met February 5-7, 2008, in the Northern Rockies Training Center Missouri River Room, Missoula, to discuss fire behavior modeling programs, data sources, weather issues and prediction, decision-support systems, and case studies from specific fires in the Northern Rockies region.  This two-day workshop brought together specialists from the Rocky Mountain Research Station Fire Sciences Laboratory,Fire Aviation and Air, the National Center for Landscape Fire Analysis, the Montana DNRC, the National Weather Service (NOAA), the Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, several National Forests, and the Fire Modeling Institue (FMI) to talk about their work, field questions, and interact.  Laurie Kurth, the fire behavior specialist from FMI, presented information on weather selection.  She also presented a comparison of the features of RERAP and FSPro, two modeling approaches that can be used in fire behavior prediction.

The agenda followed for this workshop is outlined below:

Tuesday  2/05/08 


Risa Lange-Navarro


Tobin Kelley


Jeff Jones

Wind Wizzard/Safety Zone

Bret Butler

Weather Selection

Laurie Kurth

RERAP versus FSPro

Laurie Kurth

Wednesday 2/06/08 

Workshop Updates

Risa Lange-Navarro

Wildland Fire Decision Support System

Rob Seli

Effectiveness of Fuel Treatments

Shane DelGrosso

2008 Rombo Case Study

Tonya Opperman & Bart Hoag

2008 Conger Fire Behavior findings

Carl Seielstad

Horton-Hay Fire Case Study

Don Wagner

Rattlesnake Fire Case Study

Don Wagner & Matt Butler






Thursday  2/07/08 

FBAN/LTAN Trainees & Mentees

Risa Lange-Navarro

NWCG-FENWT-Fire Behavior Committee

Risa Lange-Navarro
& Dan Jimenez

NWS Updates (New Activity Planner, etc)

Marty Whitmore

FBAN/LTAN & IMET Interaction

Bob Nester

Research Application

Vita Wright

Other Thoughts and Closeout

Risa Lange-Navarro


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