November 29 , 2007

Species reviews going into the Fire Effects Information System (FEIS, now contain fire regime descriptions gleaned from the LANDFIRE Rapid Assessment database ( Based on requests from fire managers, FEIS began providing fire regime information in the mid-1990s. Fire regime information pertinent to the species under discussion was summarized and synthesized. In addition, a Fire Regime Table was provided, which contained information on fire-return intervals for major plant communities in which the species occurred. The list of plant communities in the table was not comprehensive, however, and the table contained no information on fire severity. The new, LANDFIRE-based Fire Regime Table provides information on plant communities in the Lower 48 states. It includes baseline fire-return intervals for low-, moderate- and high-severity fires for each plant community and an estimate of the prevalence of each fire severity level in each community. The table will be updated and vegetation types from Alaska will be included when LANDFIRE products are complete.

Three FEIS species reviews illustrate use of the new Fire Regime Table:

The complete Fire Regime Table provides information on hundreds of plant communities. It is available at:
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