Lois ShoemakerShoemaker_photo
Fire Ecologist - Winema National Forest

The Fire Modeling Institute (FMI) at the Missoula Fire Science Laboratory (MFSL) is pleased to welcome Lois Shoemaker into their Mentoring/Training program.  This program is designed to mentor managers in the use of models, spatial analysis, and data analysis for management applications specific to fire behavior, fire ecology, and smoke related issues.  Lois is a fire ecologist on the Fremont-Winema National Forests in south- central Oregon. For the next month, she will work directly with the FMI staff to learn about wildland fire tools and technologies and how they can be used at multiple scales for landscape prioritization, project planning, and treatment design.  By working with FMI, Lois will be able to work through the complete process of analysis on her Forest’s projects with modeling experts and scientists who are readily available to help guide her in the right direction at each step and answer any questions.  During the mentoring process, MFSL scientists and FMI staff will also learn about the tools they developed in meeting management needs.  Lois feels that “working in Missoula also provides networking opportunities and access to literature that would be difficult to obtain otherwise.”   For more information about this program, please contact Jim Menakis at the MFSL.



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