Robin Innes

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Robin Innes is an Ecologist Writer for the Fire Effects Information Systems (FEIS) at the Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory. Robin graduated with an M.S. in Ecology from the University of California Davis and a B.S. in Wildlife Management from the University of New Hampshire.

Robin has expertise in plant and wildlife ecology and has conducted biological investigations of wildlife and habitat in wetland and terrestrial ecosystems over the past 10 years. Before writing for FEIS, Robin led a project that investigated the effects of resource management practices on small mammals, particularly the prey of the California spotted owl, a species of concern in California. Robin has conducted and supervised others during all aspects of scientific inquiry, including development of project proposals, data collection and analysis, and interpretation of results. Robin’s other accomplishments include contributing to the writing of peer-reviewed articles, reports, and technical documents, which have provided novel information to resource managers regarding wildlife species’ habitat relationships, social behavior, and movements.

Robin synthesizes available literature regarding species’ responses to fire for the FEIS website. Writing FEIS reviews involves locating, summarizing, and integrating information about the biology and fire ecology of plant and animal species for land managers.

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