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Work Capacity Test Information



Federal Interagency Medical Standards:

FS Version of Medical Standards
(PDF File)


Assessing Physical Fitness Before Taking Work Capacity Test (Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) be on-site during all WCT. Beginning January 1, 2012) (pdf file)

Work Capacity Test Guidelines
(PDF File) (MS Word)

Letter to Current/Prospective Employee (2015)
(MS Word)

Letter to Medical Provider for Current/Prospective Employee/Casuals (2015)
(MS Word)

FAX Sheet to ASC-HCM for HSQ Pending Notification(2010) (PDF) (MS Word)


Work Capacity Test Administration Report (PDF)


Implementation Guide
(PDF) (updated December 13,2007)

Test Administrator's Guide
(PDF) (Updated 12/03 - Appendix G)

Information Sheets:

Pack Test "Arduous" (PDF)

Essential Functions and Work Conditions of a Wildland Firefighter



Confidentiality Form
(PDF File) (MS Word)

Informed Consent Form FS-5100-30 (Rev 03 2013)
(PDF File)
(MS Word)

Health Screening Questionnaire (HSQ)
FS-5100-31 (v0 3/2013)
(MS Word)

OF-178 Medical Exam CHEAT SHEET for the Medical Provider (2015) (pdf)

Optional Form 178 (Arduous)
(January 2010) (PDF)

Optional Form 178 (Moderate)
(January 2010) (PDF)

Optional Form 178 (Light)
(January 2010) (PDF)


Work Capacity Test Brochure (PDF)

Job Hazard Analysis:

WCT Analysis (PDF) (5/2013)

Compartment Syndrome & Rhabdomyolysis Handout for Physicians:

Handout (PDF) (5/2013)



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