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Fit to Work
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Firefighting and other forms of field work demand a high level of fitness to safely perform arduous day-long work in difficult environmental conditions, including steep terrain, extreme temperatures, altitude, and smoke, and to meet unforeseen emergencies. When prolonged hard work is involved, fitness is the most important factor in work capacity.

Work capacity is a composite of fitness, acclimatization, nutrition, skill, experience, motivation, and intelligence. Fitness is the most important factor. Fitness has two components, aerobic and muscular.

Aerobic fitness is a measure of your ability to supply working muscles with the oxygen they need to perform vigorous day-long work. When you can deliver and use oxygen efficiently, you can do more work without undue fatigue.

Muscular fitness includes strength, muscle endurance, and flexibility. Strong workers can lift and carry heavy loads with less fatigue or risk of injury. Muscular endurance enables you to continue working at otherwise fatiguing tasks. And flexibility means a better range of motion that lowers the risk of injury.




Fitness is the foundation of work capacity. That's why resource agencies stress its Drawing of a male subject exercising.importance, and why you should report to the job fit, work-hardened, and ready to take on tough field assignments.

Gaining fitness is a gradual process that can take 2 to 3 months for substantial improvements. Working yourself into shape on the job is not an option. Drawing of male subject doing situps.Some jobs, like firefighting, require that you pass a job-related work capacity test to ensure the capacity to perform arduous work. In field work, particularly firefighting, fitness is a matter of safety both for you and your crewmembers.



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